Bat Fan Representation represent the pairing Bat.

Official MascotEdit

Bat because their names combine to spell "Bat"

Official NumberEdit

7 because Cat is three letters and Beck is 4 letters 3+4=7


"Heartbeat" by Scouting For Girls because it is a song used in a Bat fanvideo. Or it could be "Call Me When You're Sober" by Evanescence for it was used in the first Beck/Cat video. This is up for debate.

More Songs:

  • Round and Round by Selena Gomez (because of the rotation effect in Wi-Fi in the Sky).
  • She's No You by Jesse McCartney
  • Colors by Barcelona
  • Just So You Know by Jesse McCartney
  • Stay Beautiful by Taylor Swift
  • Our Kind Of Love by Lady Antubellum
  • Wild At Heart - Gloriana
  • Cry On Command - Gloriana
  • Crazier - Taylor Swift
  • We Belong Together by Mariah Carey
  • Perfect Two by Auburn
  • I Want You To Want Me by Cheap Trick
  • Ultraviolet by Stiff Sylans
  • Count On You by Big Time Rush ft. Jordian Sparks
  • Heartbeat by Scouting For Girls
  • I'd Lie- Taylor Swift
  • Sweet And Low by Augustana
  • Boats and Birds- Gregory and The Hawk
  • Perfect Two - Auburn
  • Perfect- Pink
  • Someone Like You- The Summer Set
  • Smile- Uncle Kracker


Maroon, because Cat's hair is a deep scarlet color, also Beck's hair is jet black (scarlet and black makes maroon), and Beck is frequently seen wearing dark colors.


is an incredible Bat website. It has pictures, FanFic stories, movies, songs, and quotes all about Bat. Also, every week, the featured Bat FanFic stories change. Check it out!


Hamburger because both of them helped Tori to turn her into a hamburger on the Slap.